Transparent Digital Thermometer
  • jhsdhydjs8jhsdhydjs8 June 2018
    Our History
    Established in 2011, Hangzhou Health Shining Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is high-tech manufacturer dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and market of digital thermometer, infrared thermometers and blood pressure monitors series of health products.
    Our Factory
    More than 50 workers and 3 technicians, we have 2 working line and with large production capacity (Digital thermometer, 1 million pieces, blood pressure monitor 0.1 million etc)
    Our Product
    Digital thermometer, infrared thermometer, blood pressure monitor, water test series
    Product Application
    Body temperature, animal temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, water quality, health care products
    Our Certificate
    CE and ISO certificate
    Our service
    9 sales team (4 presales staff, 3 follow-up sales, 2 after sales service )Transparent Digital Thermometer

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