Macron calls on G7 members to confront Trump over trade
  • venynxvenynx June 2018

    Even under the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada and the US
    have had long-running disputes about subsidies, tariffs and restrictive
    practices. In particular the US has complained about access for its
    dairy products, and Canada says the US imposes unfair tariffs on its
    lumber exports. Ottawa has called for the disputes to be resolved by
    arbitration, and points out that Canada is the biggest market for US
    agricultural exports, and second biggest market for dairy exports.To get
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    pointed exchange between the leaders highlighted deep divisions that
    were already clearly evident before Friday’s summit. Trump is expected
    to arrive at mid-morning on Friday, and hold closed-door meetings at La
    Malbaie, a summer resort on the St Lawrence river. He is due to hold
    bilateral sessions with Trudeau and Macron, and met the Japanese prime
    minister, Shinzo Abe, in Washington on Thursday. The president has no
    plans to see Theresa May or Angela Merkel, with whom his relations are
    even frostier.

    Trump is due to leave the summit several hours
    early on Saturday morning, to fly direct to his next engagement, a
    summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un in Singapore. In their
    remarks to reporters, Trudeau and Macron emphasised the importance of
    maintaining dialogue and courtesy in relations with Trump, arguing the
    meeting was an essential forum for finding common ground and resolving
    differences. “The G7 is an opportunity to meet to have frank and open
    discussions between countries that are longtime allies and friends,”
    Trudeau argued. Both men, however, voiced anger over Trump’s imposition
    of steel and aluminum tariffs against close allies, supposedly on
    “national security” grounds. The EU and Canada have imposed reciprocal
    sanctions on US goods and have taken their complaint to the World Trade

    Trump to Trudeau in testy tariff call: 'Didn't you
    guys burn down the White House?' Read more Trudeau described the tariffs
    as “unilateral and illegal” and the national security pretext as
    “risible”. He added that Trump’s “unacceptable actions are going to harm
    his own citizens”. “It is American jobs that are going to be lost
    because of the actions of this administration,” the Canadian prime
    minister added. Macron was even more emphatic, calling on the other G7
    members to resist what he warned was a potential US drift towards
    “further isolationism and “crude hegemony”. Macron has previously
    accused China of pursuing hegemony in Asia. “The six other countries of
    the G7 represent a market which is bigger than the American market,” the
    French president said. “I believe in cooperation and multilateralism
    because I will resist hegemony with all my strength.

    Hegemony is
    might makes right. Hegemony is the end of the rule of law.” Macron said
    he would do everything in his power to help Trudeau’s presidency of the
    G7 to succeed and produce a joint statement on Saturday that can be
    signed by all seven members. However, he argued that other countries
    should be ready to have a “G6 plus one” outcome, sticking to a text that
    enshrines their common values, even if Trump does not sign it. “The
    desire for all seven to sign a text can’t be stronger than our
    requirements for the contents of that text,” Macron said at a joint
    press conference with Trudeau in Ottawa on the eve of the summit. “I
    think we would be making an error if we said we are ready to give up
    everything, not to talk about the Paris accord or climate, or trade,
    just to have that signature.” At last year’s G7 summit in Sicily, the
    leaders all signed a communique, but the statement made clear there were
    deep differences on the Paris climate change accord.

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