The Best PoE Loot Filters for Patch 3.2.0 (Bestiary League)
  • venynxvenynx June 2018

    If you’ve recently started playing poe items,
    then you’ve likely noticed the large volume of loot to be found
    throughout the game. Between the chests, monsters, and bosses, you’re
    practically surrounded by loot pi?atas. This wealth of rewards adds to a
    player’s satisfaction while carving a path through Wraeclast. However,
    what is one of PoE’s biggest strengths can also be a considerable

    Because there is so much loot raining down, it can be difficult to
    see everything, and even more difficult to distinguish treasure from
    trash. That’s why some very helpful members of the PoE community have
    developed a special set of mods called “loot filters” to help sort
    things out. This article identifies the best PoE Loot Filters that are
    fully compatible with patch 3.2.0. Never Sink’s Loot Filter Never Sink’s
    Loot filter is a consistent favorite and the first choice of many
    discerning exiles fighting their way through Wraeclast. This loot filter
    comes with a litany of useful filters that will take the hassle and
    confusion of your looting.

    The priority of NeverSink’s filter is increasing your overall
    gameplay speed and effectiveness by making higher quality, and higher
    priority, items more easy to recognize so you can grab them and keep
    going. The filter makes you a faster looter by virtue of the following
    features:And those are just the highlights of what NeverSink’s Loot
    filter does for you. With such a comprehensive, well thought out
    approach to item filtering, it’s no wonder that this is the gold
    standard for filtering PoE items. On top of that, this filter is fully
    updated for the Bestiary League, so you don’t have to worry about it
    malfunctioning in the newest patch. If you want to really dig into the
    details of this loot filter (and learn how to download it) check out the
    official forum post here.Read More

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