Here are the new adidas POD-S3.1 in the Core Black / White color scheme
  • hx201314hx201314 June 2018

    Adidas Yeezy Boost 350
    - if you prefer it, adidas POD S3.1 is a completely new model in the
    German stable. It will debut on the market in June, and below you can
    read one of the latest versions, that is with the colors Core Black /
    Core Black - White.
    The new silhouette will be made in this case of
    black mesh, onto which the three stripes on the side have been
    heat-welded. There was also an accent with branding on the back and a
    blue stripe on the inside. All this was put on the combined sole. In
    front we see the foam, and the whole was put on the Boost foam. Between
    these elements we have a bright green connector.If you want to buy this
    style,here is the website that sales the shoes:

    adidas POD S3.1
    Core Black / Core Black – White
    13 June 2018

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