Nike Air VaporMax 97 Gold is available now
  • Conrad1106Conrad1106 June 2018

    Step out like a baller in the Nike Air VaporMax 97 Gold.
    Following on from those other OG revivals, Nike once again looks to the
    past for this all-new hybrid.Several pairs are already available to
    consumers, and the Swoosh has recently revealed more are coming, like
    the “Metallic Gold” colorway coming in May. Now, we have news that
    another fan-favorite Air Max 97 colorway coming to the Vapromax model
    this month. The hugely popular Air Max 97 ‘Gold’ looks seriously
    striking above a full length Vapormax midsole.Those looking to add the
    precious 'Metallic Gold' to their rotation will be able to do so on May
    17. Get ready for another difficult cop as these are expected to fly off
    the shelves.

    These ‘Metallic Gold’ Nike Air VaporMax 97s
    have been floating around for so long we assumed they’d released
    quickly and quietly.Nike Vapormax technology is everywhere this year.
    The extremely successful new Nike Air bag has proven to be a hit for
    both performance and lifestyle models, as well as crossing over into the
    fashion world. This union of old and new arrives at a time when
    sole-swapped sneakers are very much on-trend.The “Metallic Gold”
    iteration dips the upper the shoe in molten gold for a shiny all-over
    look. The upper half of the Air Vapormax 97 Gold stays entirely true to
    the original. Premium leather extends across the upper with lightweight
    nylon that keeps the foot securely locked in place. Everything gets the
    midas touch from the laces to mudguard and padded tongue.Save the
    reminder in the calendar and wait safe in the knowledge the date won’t
    slip past.Soles aside, the upper is almost identical to the classic 97
    we all know and love. There’s no official release date yet, but look for
    the Nike Air VaporMax 97 Metallic Gold to debut sometime next month. 

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