More Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Colorways are coming
  • Conrad1106Conrad1106 June 2018

    Nike Air Max 270 lineup is pretty massive for the month of March, which will debut the Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit version.That soft and flexible Flyknit extends across the entire upper and comes stamped with perforations from heel to toe. These laser cut holes ensure breathable comfort and make the Air Max 270 especially appealing lightweight. An integrated lacing system keeps the foot securely locked down.Other features on the shoe include the leather wrapping the heel and the AIR branding on the medial side of the shoe. No word yet on when the Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit will be making its debut, but as soon as it gets a release date we will be sure to let you know.o complete the look, Air Max 270 branding is stamped throughout, featuring to a leather overlay on the sidewall and tongue.Completing the design is the shoes signature Air Max 270 heel.This particular Dylan Raasch designed model sports a tri-colored design that is highlighted by a mix of blue an orange that add color to the otherwise grey aspects of the silhouette. 

    The brand new Nike Air Max 270 model was just introduced and you can already expect to see a flood of colorways for this latest innovative style from the Swoosh.If you’re yet to experience the comfort of 270-degrees of cushioning, you’re seriously missing out. This ground-breaking style not only looks great but feels unbelievable too.Next up for Nike’s Air Max 270 collection is this clean white and black iteration designed for the ladies.That white upper is complimented nicely by  a crystal clear Air Unit in the heel. This chunky bubble promises the best in comfort and support across all surfaces.  

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