Are you a fan of the adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black?
  • Conrad1106Conrad1106 June 2018

    The adidas Ultra Boost is set to release soon and is guaranteed to impress.Dressed in the traditional Core Black color scheme. Having revealed and previously promised a release sometime Fall 2016, the adidas UltraBOOST “Triple Black” is here with a drop date. A semi-translucent lockdown cage is also seen.Every adidas Ultra Boost colorway that has released so far has featured a white BOOST midsole.Few key words are hotter in the sneaker world right now than “Ultra Boost” and “Triple Black”, so this upcoming release should be music to your ears: another all black edition of the adidas Ultra Boost 3.0. The range already has a massive following, gaining popularity for its comfortable and sleek design.With official images surfacing that means it shouldn’t be much longer until adidas announces an official release date for this colorway of the Ultra Boost.

    The adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black will release at select adidas locations.Triple Black colourways may not be common during spring releases, but this may be an exception. An all-black sneaker is always an instant sell-out and a murdered-out UltraBOOST iteration will be no different.A Black heel counter, midsole, and rubber outsole completes the look for this new adidas Ultra Boost 3.0. Breathable elements also feature throughout, keeping you cool on those warmer days ahead.For quite some time now fans of the silhouette have been begging for colored Boost midsoles. This adidas Ultra Boost sports a Black Primeknit upper with a matching cage and matte-finished heel counter. Whether you’re a runner or not, these futuristic shoes offer a timeless appeal that looks just as good in the urban jungle.

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