Equine Massage and its particular Benefits for Horses
  • mahogany74mahogany74 June 2018
    Massage has been employed for countless years on human athletes to assist performance and reduce discomfort due to tight, tired muscles; however it is only fairly recently that it has been used on horses as an addition to correct veterinary treatment.

    It is not just for equine athletes but is a significant advantage for all horses from those not in work to advanced competition horses.


    In horses massage has been shown to have several benefits including: increased circulation providing increased blood circulation to muscles and faster reduction of toxins from the body, removal of muscle spasms so reduced odds of injury, increases muscle tone and enhances nerve supply therefore aiding peak performance, reducing stiffness. Additionally, there are psychological benefits including reducing stress.

    Massage treatment might be beneficial as part of the loosen up and cooling down period, for horses on box rest to take care of strength and suppleness, included in a rehabilitation programme and as a general treat for the horse.

    There are many signs which claim that your horse would take advantage of massage treatment. For instance ,: stiffness on one or both reins, desire not to work, a stop by performance, alteration of behaviour, resistance when being tacked up or maybe an overall feeling that something isn't quite right.

    Items that cause jerks include: poorly fitting tack and rugs, injuries or compensatory mechanisms a result of injury, conformation or foot balance, workload or exercise regime etc.

    If the muscle spasm remains untreated it is going to grow and become a greater problem on account of the muscle fibres surrounding it the need to use up the work. For this reason massage therapists recommend regular examinations or treatment to ensure that any problems or potential issues can be nipped in the bud before they become serious. A massage therapist will inspect the whole body of the horse which enable it to therefore be valuable in picking up early indications of injury.

    It is best to confer with your vet prior to making a meeting with an equine massage machine since they should work under the supervision of the vet to remain within the law. The vet can also be in a position to tell them of the contraindications to the treatment and then for any previous medical history which will be of significance to the treatment.

    You will find products positioned on the market including the Equilibrium Massage Pads and Mitts that may provide massage treatment on your horse daily. They are intended to complement the work of the professional masseuse ensuring that your horse is kept supple and mobile between treatments.

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