Correctly Fitting a Riding Helmet
  • simonpankin78simonpankin78 June 2018
    There was a time when the equestrian helmets was less a protection feature plus more a fashion statement. Not too today. Amongst other activities it's vitally important to make certain an accurate fit or the precautionary features of your modern helmet could simply not work. These simple guidelines might help give you the best fit possible



    To measure the rider's head make use of a tape measure placed around the circumference of the head, across the forehead and above the ears. Keep your measurement is taken with the tape neither too loose or too tight of you is not going to get a correct fit.


    Using the measurement you took, consult a sizing chart (readily available on the web) in order to find the corresponding size on the chart. Helmets will surely have different sizing methods used on the label and packaging so be sure you note down both the measurement you took and the hat size from the chart, you will need either or both.


    Furnished with your sizes and measurements, go to a store. If this describes an appropriate for any very first time rider then it is imperative that you can in fact get one of these helmet on for those who smudged the measuring or misread the size. You can try a helmet on in the shop and then pop home and purchase online as well as perhaps get yourself a better price.


    With the helmet on the head, try rocking your brain, can it move excessive or does it feel too tight? In that case get one of these size each side of the one you have to check if it is a better fit. Try adjusting the lining, it might have moved in the shell. When the helmet feels perfectly, attach and adjust the chin-strap. Again, ensure that everything fits comfortably. The steer clear of most is perfect for the helmet to feel awkward when you're on the horse. The shopkeeper may very well be expert, make use of them, ask their advice.

    Fashion Statement

    If you are happy that the helmet fits right and feels right, you'll be able to tackle the fashion aspects. Helmet covers are available in many colours so knock yourself out, no-one asserted you can't be secure and appearance great!

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