Do you plan on grabbing the NMD R2 Primeknit Triple White later this season?
  • Conrad1106Conrad1106 June 2018

    The adidas NMD R2 Primeknit Triple White
    is the cleanest colourway yet for this recently debuted
    silhouette.adidas is dropping another clean edition of adidas NMD R2 for
    the month of April. Given the summer time vibes, fans are expected to
    go crazy for this release.The first “Triple White” version released back
    in April that included a Light Grey polka dot leather heel tab.The
    ever-popular NMD series continues to grow by the season, but we’re a
    little surprised that we haven’t seen a release of this adidas NMD R2
    “Triple White” colorway earlier.This adidas NMD R2 comes with a Running
    White Primeknit upper and design features such as the striped Primeknit
    upper, For more news and updates surrounding the NMD R2 range, be sure
    to follow our social media pages.

    adidas Originals is set to release another adidas NMD
    R2 Triple White iteration this time for the summer.The ‘Triple White’
    NMD R2 comes crafted from ultra soft Primeknit throughout.Dressed in a
    Clear Granite, Vintage White, Luckily, the pristine pair is on the way
    in the near future featuring updated Primeknit throughout the upper, and
    Footwear White color scheme. Unlike earlier styles, this model is
    characterised by a more robust construct.This version of the adidas NMD
    R2 still isn’t officially a true “Triple White” release, as the back
    heel is offset with a Black pull-tab. The shoe is slightly chunkier are
    more hard-wearing but still retains that Nomad aesthetic.but it makes up
    for that difference in construction with a simplified design and unique
    ridges in the Boost for a standout look.

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