the models wear hairstyles inspired
  • JamishasJamishas June 2018

    Start by making a straight line. The 60s put the line in the center in the spotlight so that the volume is perfectly balanced between the two parts of the hairstyle. Half-tailed or loose hair, think to crimp your hair before styling the hairstyle. To do this, slide a comb inside your hair, hold your hair in the air and bring your hair back to the root. Ensure a long lasting effect by spraying a cloud of hairspray. Simple, no? And so sixties!

    The curly shell, the opinion of the pro
    The lace front human hair wigs uk hairstyles seen on the fashion shows are often inspired by the fashion collections presented. On the Giorgio Armani fashion show, the atmosphere is retro, influenced by the post-war style. It is therefore no surprise that the models wear hairstyles inspired by the 40s. The pros deliver their opinion on the curly shell.

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