Circa Life Sciences - An international Leader in Medicinal Cannabis
  • abarshalinbabarshalinb June 2018
    Welcome to Circa Life Sciences! Our passion is our success. Combining modern science with traditional knowledge, we make an effort to certainly be a global leader in the medical cannabis India. The entire world will offer great opportunities in the international medicinal cannabis industry and Circa will be a global leader!
    Circa Life Science Inc is really a Canadian based company devoted to researching, developing and commercializing top quality medically - validated products, oils and promoting breakthrough research for your new medical cannabis industry in Canada and lots of countries around the world. Our vision is usually to turn into a world leader in providing safe and efficient cannabinoid medical. From product and process innovation to showcase execution and my way through between, we're driven by way of a passion for leadership, dedication they are driving a forward.


    Where We Operate
    Supermarket have operations in Canada and Colombia. The method has begun for expansion to Sri Lanka , the Indian Sub-Continent and also to other countries in Latin and South usa and Jamaica.
    Might know about Do
    Our business structure in unique even as are one of the only companies doing work in other areas in the medical marijuana industry: research, production, cultivation, import/export, oil extraction, website and retail.
    Who We Work With
    We always work with with industry professionals, medical professionals, health systems, international research facilities, and international country advisors and lawyers to guarantee the strong solid development of we globally. Goal to raise the information and awareness connected with medical cannabis.
    Who We Work For
    Medical and wellness individuals clients is our core objective. Ultimately we work tirelessly for the people which will take advantage of the many many benefits at hand from Medical Cannabis. We also work for our scientists and researchers to make sure that they've got the essential resources to build up industry leading products.

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