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  • SinleneSinlene June 2018
    So I'm just curious how... How is a player like me, who hears that shit
    for real—not "nigger magic," obviously, I don't do much magic—but who
    has had "nigger" hurled at him by dudes carrying bats, who has received
    lynch threats... How am I supposed to react when I hear that in the
    moment-to-moment mafia gameplay, and not just in a specific bit of
    Or, not "how am I supposed to react?" That's wrong. It's not your job to tell me how to react, that's bullshit.

    no, no, no! I think there's a relevant question here, which is: To what
    aim are we doing that? I think that your feeling of revulsion and
    discomfort is in line with what we wanted there. When a white character
    shows up and and says just grotesque, heinous shit, you should feel the
    hairs rise up on the back of your neck, you should feel uncomfortable.

    mafia city h5

    important to us is striking the right balance with it, so that it's not
    just a wall of noise. We've been very deliberate; we've done user
    tests. We've not only looked at it internally, but externally and
    through having other people play the mafia game online,
    so that we could see how it feels as a player to have racial slurs
    directed at you. And we've corrected somewhat, actually. At first, I
    actually fought for more[racial slurs] in the mafia game, and I'm happy
    to say that we scaled it back a little bit from my initial version of
    You know, I grew up in the South, my family grew up in the
    South. For a lot of white folks, the word "nigger" was just a noun. I
    think deploying the word in the way that it may have actually been used
    in the period would have probably just created a wall of noise for
    players. They would just ignore it. It just wouldn't matter.

    have the reaction that you had, where the first time that they hear it
    and the tenth time that they hear it, they go, "Ahhhh, this is
    uncomfortable, and this is fucked up. I am not happy that this guy is
    doing this." And you as the player can react to it.

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    Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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