Specific Sex Lubricant
  • arsenijgirkin88arsenijgirkin88 June 2018
    Sex without wetness is pure torture while a highly lubricated sex is pleasant; however natural lubrication could elude you as a result of emotional upset or biological modifications in the body. Even for well-rounded women without emotional hang-up, an extended sexual intercourse could still produce vaginal dryness.

    Sex without adequate lubrication, specifically for women, may be uncomfortable and also painful; a Lubricant for Lesbians will make all the difference when the appropriate sex lubricant is used specifically.


    If the vaginal dryness is because of emotional trauma, then what you need to do is lively up yourself; every day life is being lived - how may you live without enjoyable sex?

    If however, your dryness is biological, then you've got to provide your vagina a little assistance with a sex lubricant you can find both online and your neighbourhood pharmacy.

    A suitable sex lubricant can be a saving grace for just about any woman who's lubrication problem; but sex lubricants get their disadvantages:

    Water sex lubricant:

    This can be the favourite sex lubricant; it is rather good and friendly to latex - diaphragm and condom. The down side to this would it be can dry up easily such that sex gets interrupted from time to time to incorporate numerous water based sex lubricants.

    Oil based sex lubricant:

    This sex lubricant last longer during intercourse, however you must be careful, because oil based sex lubricants degrade latex and as such condoms or diaphragms become risky protectors against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Your condom or diaphragm will give away without warning, and oil based sex lubricants can also cause irritation towards the vagina

    Finally, it is apparent to point out that water sex lubricants must be utilized for vaginal sex while oil based sex lubricant should be favoured for anal sex.

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