Applying Stretch Film Properly and Economically
  • fisakoroveva73fisakoroveva73 June 2018
    Pallet stretch film is really a packing tool used around the globe in lowering the quantity of merchandise damaged during transit. This functions keeping boxes which are stacked over a pallet from falling over or creating unbalanced shifts in weight. The wikkelfolie also functions just as one additional layer of protection against dust, moisture, and tampering from unauthorized personnel.

    It is very important realize, however, it has to be applied in a certain way, or and also anywhere near as effective as it may be. The stretch wrap that is used have to be high quality and also a good thickness, the amount applied needs to be efficient, as well as the application should not be too thick or too tight.


    To begin with, it is important to know that different specifications for stretch film ends in different strength and characteristics. Be aware that only a few stretch wrap manufacturer is equal. Although most do use LLDPE stretch film, it may vary in aspects including thickness and stretch ability. You would like to ensure that the show you use can stretch at the very least 300%, or maybe more, just like it can be not able to stretch that strong, it could start to tear when the pallet is moved. Also, when you are planning to get using machinery to apply the stretch wrap, make sure you have a product that is thick enough to handle the very fast application it will encounter inside a machine.

    Before purchasing LLDPE stretch wrap, take a look at the product. Locate one that is certainly resistant against moisture and sunlight, knowning that includes a smooth appearance. Don't feel that the most expensive technique is the top - check around before making your investment. When applying the stretch film, make sure to apply just the right add up to cover your shipments. This usually isn't a real problem for cast stretch film applied by hand, but can be a problem if your machine is just not calibrated correctly. Make certain and inspect your machinery regularly if you work with it to apply stretch wrap. Also, take a look at the end product, as which is a good way to see if anything using your machinery needs to be corrected.

    Last, and not least, it is very important to evaluate the two thickness and the tightness from the application. In both manual and automatic application, people usually not trust the stretch film enough, and therefore apply excessive and apply it too tightly. If excessive is applied, it is usually simply wasting stretch wrap and thus wasting money. If it's applied too tightly, this can actually damage your boxes which you have loaded to the pallet. If you are using a product or service from a quality stretch film manufacturer, an easy application of moderate thickness and tightness should do the position very well.

    These are merely a number of the main aspects to actually applying stretch film and taking advantage of it economically. Following these pointers, you cannot only ensure that your product will arrive safely at its destination, but additionally that you will be saving money on packing film as well.

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