Crepe hair, how to hold them?
  • JamishasJamishas June 2018
    The crepe, fortunately this technique exists! Indeed, it saves many times to women whose hair is thin and raplapla. By creping, your hair is sheathed at the root and you display a large mane. Sometimes you have trouble keeping this effect in your hair? Follow our advice.

    Creping gives texture and texture to missing hair. "Whatever your hair type, you can do the crepe. For an optimized fit, crimp your hair when they are not too clean or too smooth. Indeed, in these cases, the effect might not hold more than 10 minutes! ".

    Before creping, make sure you have all the necessary utensils. "So that you can easily work your hair human hair uk full lace wigs and the crepe is particularly visible, you need to use a comb with teeth closely spaced. Plus, get a hairspray that's right for your hair. "

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