Jewelry wholesaler san diego
  • natandyukarevnatandyukarev June 2018
    Established in 2010. We are a neighborhood business based in the heart with the Gaslamp, Hillcrest. Our mission is always to provide you with the best product and many special moments for your clients.We specialize in loose diamonds, custom diamond buyer san diego, jewelry repair, buying diamonds and gold jewelry and therefore are San Diego’s number one jewelry wholesalers! We promise 100% Customer happiness because the world thinks to make the clients purchase and special moment perfect.


    There exists a reputation for curating trend setting collections that transcend expectations. We honor and showcase both classic styles and also the new and evolving jewelry trends of tomorrow. We stock the greatest inventory of GIA & AGL ideal diamonds in Hillcrest! Schedule a private consultation along with us and then we can share our love for superb which help you see the ideal piece.

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