Stand-Up Comedy Tips - Be prepared for Open Mic Night
  • bronislavhorizonbobronislavhorizonbo June 2018
    If you're planning on a stand-up comedy career, then you are probably conscious of open mic nights-where most new comedians are born (or hatched-I'm unsure).

    I wish to offer you a few quick Vancouver comics used now to assist you to plan for your next open mic:


    Stand-up Comedy Tip #1: Understand that it's delivery that will provide you with the most laughter influence on stage-not what sort of words or sentences within your act read from a piece of paper or word processor.

    However many people get completely stuck trying to write jokes the old school way as an alternative to using in the easier and much more effective topic based techniques for developing big laugh comedy material that depend upon delivery and presentation as opposed to "writing" jokes on paper.

    In other words, you need to practice your stand-up comedy act extensively before a crowd every sees you perform.

    Stand-up Comedy Tip #2: Work out your stand-up comedy material in conversation prior to taking it on stage.

    This is extremely easy to do provided that you do not tell anyone that you are actually delivering stand-up comedy material. I've personally resolved a ton of comedy material this way by only looking forward to my turn to talk when with friends.

    Stand-up Comedy Tip #3: Practice your stand-up comedy act extensively when you ever hit the comedy stage, keeping in mind that it must be your delivery of your comedy material that can provde the most laughter power.

    So as squeeze the most out of your open mic performances, you should record every single reveal that you need to do for performance evaluation-audio is ok, but video is much better.

    In case you are set on commanding the stand-up comedy stage and require additional information, read the link within my authors bio box below.

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