How to Get Backlinks at no cost
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    Backlink are incoming links with a site or page, used as one symbol of the recognition or need for this web page or page. This factor how to be a key point in SEO, which is often used by search engines like yahoo to find out ranking, or significance about a website. Authoritative sites relevant together with your blog content can help your site have quality backlinks. Today, important of backlink rise many SEO company that sell it. Needless to say, you have to pay it off with a few sum of money. Unless you want to pay it off, you'll find others way to get it. Although paid version give you a more certainty result, free version can be alternative.


    Prior to getting into this topics, we should instead be familiar with PR or pagerank. Quoted from Wikipedia, Google's description of their PageRank system, for example, notes that Google interprets a link from page A to page B as being a vote, by page A, for page B.

    Free alternatives for การ ทำ backlink are comment to site with higher PR, ask or just comment in a forum, endure free blog directories, submit articles to articles directories, write link on social sharing, or perhaps write your status along with your blog link on social media or microblogging.

    1. Comment or ask to blog and forum with good PR

    Comment or ask another topic to blog or forum have dofollow setting, then give an anchor-text together with your blog url. Not only comment or ask, cause it can be regarded as spam, but relevant using the content.

    2. Post to blog directories

    Nevertheless, there will be more paid sort of it, free version are available in the marketplace. Paid version give more certainty result, with no reciprocal requirement. Free version usually need to have a reciprocal hyperlink to their url on your own blog. It demand more time and energy to use in blog directories for the free version.

    3. Submit articles to directories

    Articles directories services give a facility to write your writing. This can be to create your writing about a subject matter, then it that article you can contribute anchor-text to link to your site. When the directories possess a good PR, it will also help your website increase ranking browsing engines result. Try write articles, and endure articles directories with higher PR.

    4. Write your link on social sharing

    Many high PR social networking will share your blog, like Digg, Mixx, etc.

    5. Write your status on social network or micrologging

    Online community, like Facebook, or microblogging, like Twitter, and can be used to spread your website online. Just write your status, and give a link to your blog.

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