About CCTV Cameras Along with their Functionalities
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    You will find there's growing interest in ติดกล้องวงจรปิด both in commercial and residential security needs. These cameras work either separately or in combinations to security solutions like access control or intruder alarm. With all the analog camera systems becoming outmoded, consumers find CCTV systems your best option for their security needs. However, both of these individuals and businesses believe it is confusing in relation to choosing the right option for their security needs.


    The Different Types of CCTV Cameras

    There are different types, configurations and styles of CCTV cameras available, giving an assortment to select from, depending on their intended applications and requirements.

    Dome Camera

    The most common type is the Dome Cameras present in indoor security and surveillance applications. The shape of this type makes it challenging to know the direction of facing of such cameras and is also ideal to prevent criminals in their nefarious plans. The recognition also derives from three reasons, namely:

    Easy installation - there's two or three screws needed to install most of the dome types. Also, these cameras can be mounted easily for vertical and horizontal surfaces like ceilings and walls.

    Vandal-proof feature: The hardened plastic casing within the camera protects it from vandalism.

    Infrared Capability: there are many dome cameras which have IR illuminators, so that it is simple to capture video images in low lighting conditions.

    Bullet Camera

    These cameras have long, tapered, and cylindrical shape as within a "rifle bullet", passing on the name. They are employed for outdoor applications, where there is a requirement for long-distance viewing. These cameras are set up inside protective casings, protecting them against dirt, rain, hail, dust as well as other harmful elements. There exists a mounting bracket which enables to show you inside a desired direction. These cameras are fitted with either fixe or varifocal lenses.

    C-mount camera

    These have detachable lenses that permit users to improve lenses in accordance with the need for the applications. For instance, the standard CCTV lenses is able to keep an eye fixed between 35 and 40 ft distance, while a C-mount camera using special lenses can cover distances more than that.

    Day/Night Camera

    These types can work in both normal and faintly-lit environments. Because they cameras provide an extra sensitive imaging chip competent to capture clear video images at night, you don't have for inbuilt infrared illuminators. As a result this camera a perfect choice for outdoor surveillance applications, where IR cameras don't function optimally.

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