How Biometric Attendance System Is able to keep Your small business Away from Trouble
  • natandyukarevnatandyukarev July 2018
    Growing companies understand that they need a proven method to handle employee productivity, enhance business processes and streamline costs. With biometric machine, businesses will keep an eye on employee attendance, track and measure workforce strategic activities and not waste time and cash. A biometric time attendance machine with integrated payroll software won't yield a solid return on employee investment but will also enable you to keep your company away from legal troubles. Here is how a cloud-based biometric attendance system can assist you stay away from troubles that could arise if you use manual attendance tracking process:


    Avoid payroll errors: A biometric time management solution supports your HR and payroll departments in tracking serious amounts of attendance and for calculating payroll for every employee. It could eliminate redundant data entry as well as the time, cost, and payroll errors linked to using a manual system. The biometric system can perform the mathematics so that you can calculate compensation for your total hours worked by each employee. Any error on part of your payroll department can result in legal trouble, but biometric time clocks can assist you steer clear of such costly payroll errors.

    Avoid compensation-related discrimination issues: With manual tracking and payroll calculation, some employees may go through that you're discriminating against them. They will often file a suit to your business for discrimination. Biometric time attendance machines have a very group of built-in work rules to make sure pay compliance through automated calculation of wage and work hours. In other words, when tracking and paying from the appropriate work hours, overtime, vacation, and other time-off request is going to be managed by way of a biometric system, then you can easily present that you are taking care of your employees with equality when it comes to their compensation.

    Manage paid time off work and avoid illegal overtime: Staying away from trouble involves being aware of what labor laws are as well as your country and the way you are able to follow those laws using advanced attendance tracking systems. Many countries including Singapore regulate the working hours of employees in the private and government organisations, for example minimum daily rest periods, annual holidays, paid time off, maximum number of work hours each week, and quantity of overtime hours allowed. Using a biometric time attendance system ensures that it is possible to efficiently manage most of work hours weekly per employee, limit illegal overtime and pay employees correctly for paid time off.

    If you would like maintain your company from legal troubles, then employ a Biometric Attendance System. It will help you continue tabs on employee attendance, absenteeism, leaves, and overtime and also avoid payroll errors as well as the inflationary expenses related to mistakes made through manual processes. Should you be still using register and manual methods to handle current work rule policies, now is the time to begin considering implementing a biometric time attendance machine to stop lawsuits due to payroll along with other errors as well as to increase your net profit.

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