Bullfighting in Madrid
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    While it looks like it is a difference from watching a Knicks game or cheering on Manchester United, that's precisely why you should head to a bullfight when you are in Spain. When investing in past that whole cruel-to-animals thing, you actually must examine ropa taurina because art that it is.

    Madrid's bullring's official name is La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. It is amazing from an architectural viewpoint, an extraordinary red brick and hardwood mudejar-style structure exploding from the ground within a residential neighborhood.


    Through the suits the matadors wear, towards the whole spectacle with all the audience waving their white handkerchiefs, to check out a bullfight is a great possiblity to provide an up-close encounter having a very unique and extraordinary (albeit somewhat barbaric) tradition. When you attend a bullfight you'll either be very interested and jump up and shout "Ole!" along with the die-hard locals, or feel that the whole thing is often a barbaric and unjust setup that you'd want to distance yourself from. Many tourists go to the bullring simply to leave after 30 minutes.

    Las Ventas is situated at they eponymous metro stop (Ventas, L2). You literally can't miss it. Bullfights come about every Sunday from March to October.

    A ticket into a bullfight can be extremely expensive. The better the bullring you're sitting, the more costly it really is. The cost range is normally 200-15 euros. The lowest priced tickets are near the top of the stadium and there's no shade. But, you get a great introduction to the entire spectacle.

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