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    Need someone to manage your customer service Philippines accounts? Need a customer rep for the e-commerce site? How about an every week availability of freshly-baked articles to your SEO efforts? Decline more! Give to us the little stuff, so that you can give attention to bigger stuff. We support you in additional ways than a single! Below are a few with the awesome things perform for the clients! Pick your poison (or two? maybe three?) and let’s rev up your company!

    Here at Coefficients, we go above and beyond for your clients. From assessment, to solution design, to training, transition and launch; we focus on every phase and we got your back all the way. We don’t select temporary aids. We strike to the core.


    Let’s Select The long run! No Band Aid Solutions Here.

    What sets us aside from other outsourcing companies? We don’t stick to giving you only one service. Why have a small meal when you are able use a buffet for the similar price. We’ll enable you to identify what’s missing in your business and gives you multiple solutions! Outsourcing = Contact Centers? We don’t think so. We’re trailblazing to produce us your one-stop look for everything required.

    Listed below are our services:

    Customer service

    - Customer Inquiry Response
    - Email and Chat Support Customer
    - Service and Problem Resolution
    - Sales Support
    - Phone Support
    - Knowledgebase Development / Management


    - Search Engine Marketing
    - Social internet marketing
    - Outbound Sales
    - Telemarketing
    - Appointment Setting
    - Email Marketing

    Article marketing

    - Website Content
    - Blog entries
    - Pr announcements
    - SEO-Optimized Articles
    - Blog Commenting
    - Product Description
    - Video Content
    - Social internet marketing Content Materials


    - General market trends and Survey
    - Data Mining
    - Research
    - Prospecting
    - Data Entry
    - Data Verification
    - Data Validation
    - Data Scrapping


    - Graphics Design and Conceptualization
    - Video Creation
    - Animation Videos
    - Explainer Videos


    - Order Processing
    - Order and Lead Generation


    - Project Management
    - Website Design and Development
    - Accounting
    - Other Virtual Assistance Services

    Multi-hyphenated. Multi-faceted. Multi-channel. That’s what we are. Visit our website now at!

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