Mafia City port review for an in-depth analysis of how the game performs on PC
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    Mafia City H5 Game
    is a series that’s always been content to do its own thing. While open
    worlds were being filled with diversions and collectibles and side
    missions, the first two Mafia games used their cities as mere stages,
    focusing instead on curated action set pieces and well-paced story. The
    result was a pair of games that were both more digestible and less
    bogged down by fluff.

    Check out our Mafia City port review for an in-depth analysis of how the game performs on PC.

    Mafia City H5 Game

    latest entry in the series, Mafia City, continues this tradition,
    leading players through tense shootouts, a chaotic heist, a high-speed
    boat chase, with documentary-style interviews helping to set the tone.
    No moment is wasted. It clips along at a fast pace, mixing things up
    just enough to keep you wondering what’s around the corner. Then, a few
    hours in, Mafia City calls it a day, and you’ll spend the rest of the
    game wondering what the hell happened.

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    Chinese Traditional version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.

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