the tip flat brush
  • JamishasJamishas July 2018
    brush her hair is very important for the health of your beautiful hair. so you two minutes per day, one in the morning and one in the evening before going to bed. head down, brush your hair from the nape of the neck and the back to the front. do this for each side, on both sides of the natural part.

    the african braid
    this spring and summer, the trend is towards the ethnic as well as decoration style. and beauty? the hair is africanisent with cornrows.

    the african braid, look.
    up to now, i think the cornrows, also known as corn rows were reserved for the nb stars of the 1990s? it would appear that they are liberated from, in order to provide a more streamlined and consistent with your hair full lace wigs. those who do not have the black hair may never have had the idea of this ethnic and tendency to crack.

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