i have very dry hair
  • JamishasJamishas July 2018

    affected by the frequent washing, blow dries repeatedly heating
    appliances, points, and lengths tend to dry and become dull. to make
    easy and flexible use of care containing nourishing ingredients. the
    meal, vegetable oil, wheat protein, keratin, or marine extracts help to
    fill the capillary to fibre of nutrients.
    it indispensable : mask, twice a week, with the bandage. put the lock
    in a lock and leave to ask according to the time, charlotte. to untangle
    the hair without breaking it, apply the product on the length and wet
    malaxant peaks in the best lace wigs hair. with a wide tooth comb, are from unraveling, starting with the top and back to the half length. rinse off and get back.

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