How the Soccer Shirt Changed the sport
  • kashepovnikkashepovnik July 2018
    The Đồ đá banh worn by players currently have become bright and colorful, which makes it super easy to identify teams. But there was a time when there wasn't any real uniform dress code each payer wore white shirts with long sleeves. The best way to distinguish between teams was colorful caps and scarves. This created confusion for the spectators and the scorers. Gradually, the demand for uniforms for players rose giving birth on the first soccer shirts, who have now become legendary with players and teams alike.

    As soccer clubs turned the game right into a professional sport, all teams was required to register their specific colors in an attempt to avoid confusion with other teams. Soccer fans all over the world wear the colors in the teams. It has turned into a great way of increasing company sales and so contributed to the economy too.


    Through the start of the 20th century, shirts in various colors and designs including stripes made an appearance. The cheap, plain white cotton fabric turned into artificial materials for example nylon, which can be lighter and allows sweat to evaporate, so that it is very comfortable for players to put on within a match. Let's focus on summers players wear short sleeves, when it's in winters, they switch to long sleeves shirts.

    Combined with the shirts came the numbers from one to eleven on the back in the shirts. But as strategies and positions changed, so did the numbers. Nowadays the players wear their lucky numbers. Initially, the team and club could be in the front even though the number and name with the player can be at the back of the shirt.

    With the oncoming of globalization, advertising companies pointed out that there were an enormous marketing potential. In order that they started to display their names for the shirts and paid the teams to put on their brand. Designs including logos and badges of teams were worn each time a crew changed its advertisers, the designs changed. The fans, in order to keep with the changing pace, began purchasing the new brands.

    As science has advanced, the material from the soccer shirts has greatly improved. The material used for the shirts can adjust itself to the needs with the player and the weather i.e., it keeps the members warm in the winter months and cool in summer. Changing rapidly technology promises to invent shirts which will be in a position to monitor the guts rates and fatigue amount players.

    Technology is also playing an essential role to make the soccer shirt more fashionable. An array of new designs and colors has indeed made the overall game more pleasurable. Cheap replicas can also be found on the web and fans often trade soccer shirts via the internet to make money. Big companies now vie for an opportunity to sponsor soccer teams as it's a great way to boost their sales. They even offer huge discounts along with other offers to attract customers. Thus, soccer has been commercialized greatly, through its shirt.

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