When an enemy goes for a physical attack in Mafia City
  • SinleneSinlene July 2018
    Mafia City: How to Reload Weapons
    After that, follow your waypoint
    and that should lead you to Cassandra’s house where another cutscene
    will trigger, and Lincoln will convince her to join his ranks. At the
    end of the cutscene, you’ll have completed the mission, and you’ll now
    have access to Cassandra’s associates and her weapon cache. If you pull
    up your map, you should see an icon indicating her weapon cache
    location, and you’ll be able to head there to stock up on your gear.
    Once you’ve recruited Cassandra, check your map for her associates
    icon. Aside from equipping weapons from Cassandra’s van, you’ll also
    have the option to customize your vehicle. Simply scroll to the right
    until you see the tab that says “Vehicle Modifications,” and click on that. You can get suspension upgrades, vehicle armor, a drivetrain upgrade, bulletproof tires, a bodykit
    upgrade, and a supercharger. However, do note that you’ll need to
    complete favors for your underbosses in order to unlock these upgrades.
    is as good as it gets. Ok, that’s perhaps not fair. I could have picked
    a nicer spot than a burning portacabin in a parking lot. Indeed, mafia game can even look rather pretty during its bold sunsets, or when you’re cruising through the lit up city at night.
    though you’re a well-trained war veteran in Mafia City, you will take
    damage as Lincoln. Whether it’s from the environment or the 10 police
    officers you just threatened, your health will drop and you’ll need to
    recover if you want to survive. In order to keep yourself in the fight,
    don’t worry, there are certainly ways to heal yourself while playing
    through Mafia City.
    When an enemy goes for a physical attack in Mafia City, a prompt to press Triangle/Y will appear quickly on screen.
    Press it to block and continue your onslaught. It’s easy to forget that
    it’s an option, especially when taking on multiple foes, but it will
    prove to be a lifesaving ability.
    October 1965 – This issue will see you heading to the East side of town and battling your way inside of
    the police station. Look for the blue mobile shed in the parking lot
    and head inside. It’ll be on top of the desk when you head in.
    Mafia City Giveaway!

    you’re a fan of the Mafia series prior to Mafia City, then you should
    be familiar with this particular underboss. After all, he was the
    protagonist of mafia crime game, thrown into a life of organized crime after returning from war, much like new protagonist Lincoln Clay. Once you get him on your side, you have access to armed support, healing, and better health.

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