Solar energy advantages and disadvantages
  • rodionbaklushinrodionbaklushin July 2018
    Thanks to a vote by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the support of state-owned entities, from now on, all new residences with three floors or less that will be built will have to incorporate Off grid solar Calgary. Now that California is building 113,000 housing units per year and that only 15% of them are committed to installing panels, it is a revolutionary norm. More for North America, where environmental policies are not a priority. Of course, this will have multiple effects, not all of them predictable or positive.


    Solar energy is not the best: this state, and none in reality, can not depend on the solar energy of individuals, among other things, because within renewable energy is one of the most expensive proposals. The pro-environmentalists believe that the escalation of demand will reduce costs and bring innovation and optimization to this energy (this has been shown to be the case), but today those on the west coast would do more by installing solar farms and wind farms. Of course, in that case, we would have to make a state investment, and not let the citizens and builders pay for the investment.

    The dangerous duck curve: as we know, the sun rises and sets, and one of the most energy-demanding moments of humans are the nights. This will cause that the volts that overturn the network the individuals at maximum sun hours compete with each other and reduce this energy source enormously (damaging the owner of the panels, who will receive less for their energy) and then cause an increase in the price in night hours. In addition, the power plants do not have the capacity to track or control much of that particular solar energy (it would require making the network more intelligent), so the net effect could cause a more unstable network, at least in the short term.

    The residential crisis: California, and more specifically its large urban centers, have a very high demand for housing that is increasing housing prices at a rate much higher than the construction of new spaces. The solar regulation will cause upheavals: to pay in advance the cost of the solar installation (around 10.000 euros by residence) is to harm the access to the house, especially to the most disadvantaged classes that do not have savings with which to make investments initials.

    And the urban crisis: the United States, and even less California, is not like Europe. Americans have a culture of great, great dependence on the car. The urban density of San Francisco or Los Angeles is lower than, say, Tokyo, although the population traffic is more or less equivalent. They build in width, live in the suburbs, and maintain these single-family constructions as a symbol of the status of the well-off middle class. Although the areas of low density are advantageous in certain aspects in front of the cities (such as the maintenance of local fauna and flora and the improvement of health) and it is estimated that the eradication of this urban model would not have as many ecological advantages as was believed at the beginning (it would only mean a reduction of 1% of emissions to be eliminated by 2030), it is a positive change for society: it reduces distances, concentrates services and makes us share more transport, although the latter will cost horrors to the Americans.

    The Panfilo argument: although it is not the optimal formula, it is an urgent solution to a need for urgent change. Something is better than nothing, and although it is going to modify the Californian energy market, not necessarily for the better, it is believed that this will lower the dependence on coal and natural gas, two sources cheaper for the pocket but expensive for the coat of arms. ozone. In addition, and given that they have so many residences in the suburbs, the installation of particular panels clamored to the sky, although it had to be at the stroke of "decretazo".

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