Grid solar energy
  • natandyukarevnatandyukarev July 2018
    Within the framework of the cycle of Training Days organized by the Hierarchical Personal Association of Water and Energy (APJAE), since July 11, in facilities of the San Rafael branch, this new activity began.
    "On this occasion the content of the course was presented, which deals with topics related to Solar Systems Alberta specifically, and introduces a review of all renewable energies, as well as distributed energy and energy efficiency," Silvano Castillo told the daily newspaper. sanrafaelinos.
    During the exhibition, the convenience of developing in our country the technology associated with the production of energy with non-polluting systems was highlighted, he added, adding that "for this it was said that not only must the corresponding legal frameworks that encourage the use of and application of these energies, but also technicians must be trained to project or specify and inspect the possible applications, especially to ensure a long life of the systems ".
    He added that "we are doing the theoretical classes in a virtual platform and some workshops to save the doubts. There is also a review of all the renewable energies that exist, of what is now underway in the province and what will be future energy management in homes. Today the province has adhered to these laws, which change the paradigm of how to manage energy in the home. Today there are three proposals, which are renewable energy, energy efficiency and distributed energy, that is, when one becomes a cogenerator of these future energies and what is left over returns it to the system ".


    While Amir Veron commented that "during the activity, the speaker answered kindly, based on his experience of years, each and every one of the questions that the audience asked him. In a practical way and taking as an example the cases of other countries, he highlighted that with State policies in which users, installers, inspectors, planners, legislators and governors are involved and trained, it is possible to modify the incidence of clean energy in the national energy matrix, which will lead to the economic development of our country. "
    To conclude, he maintained that "it is a course that would be worth 9 thousand pesos, but the idea is that people who are unemployed can attend. Hence, it is free. Although in this opportunity the course already started, being through a virtual platform, you can learn the contents and then we agree when the workshops are held. At this moment there are places and if necessary, we will make a new call.

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