Artificial Intelligence - Will Computers Ever Be In a position to Think?
  • podberezkin_88podberezkin_88 July 2018
    The length of time until computers can reason, adapt, think, problem solve, tell stories, and understand and provide humor? They are your concerns which computer scientists focusing on Artificial Intelligence BI programming and theory are wondering today. When will a machine, or pc become aware, mindful of itself, thus alive, and thinking?

    Point about this is philosophical, so much so that some wonder back, this means; are humans really thinking or merely responding to stimuli in a very predictable way?


    Recently, there are some top scientists and computer engineers within the field suggesting that mankind in the search for a thinking computer, true intelligence, has moved within the wrong direction, knowning that a neural network, which would be considered a completely different configuration could be correct, something less than dissimilar from the way the Internet works where each point might do many calculations or differing types.

    Then there is another group insisting that true artificial intelligence needs the opportunity to forget to be able to work effectively therefore it doesn't exhibit schizophrenic behavior (which has been observed by the way), as well as the ability to get some things wrong.

    Simply mimicking human expression, or responding using data bases of phrases isn't thinking. Even CRM software which touts itself being artificially intelligent driven isn't really aware, it is not really thinking, even though it will pass the Turing Test; the ability to fool a human into believing it is a real person they are talking too. Yet, I'd advise a true thinking computer can think about the reverse, and realize whether or not it is conversing with a real human or conversing with another computer.

    Perhaps later on those lines will become so blurred regarding make Turing Test irrelevant?

    Indeed, there are entire chains of AI computers which speak with one another in Internet Forums. It's as though this is a conversation between two people, nevertheless the dialogue is completely shallow, no original thinking really, although some from the responses are interesting, some laughable, but humans too make stupid remarks often enough and one only must surf Facebook for 5-minutes to see that.

    Will computers be in a position to think? Well, assuming you mean; just how humans think, the answer then is yes, eventually.

    Currently, it seems like the Turing Test has become achieved, but I ask would be that the real test or threshold you should be considering. It's my thought not only will AI become aware, but it will out think humans by combining the very best of all possible, likewise modified humans, "transhumans" for a moment, coupled to computer devices is going to do precisely the same, knowning that my girlfriends is just a few time. So, please consider all of this and think onto it.

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