Instagram: The subsequent Frontier of Travel Competitions
  • veniaminnorthzykinveniaminnorthzykin July 2018
    Improve your chances of winning a travel competition on Instagram and bag who you are a free visit to a stunning location with the handy guide.

    Long gone are the days of cutting out competition slips from magazines and popping them in the post to win the most up-to-date travel competition, nowadays perhaps the internet is beginning to appear like old hat. Today’s most popular (and so winnable) competitions are saved to platforms like Instagram.

    Many companies from tour operators and airlines to hotels and event organisers are employing the vast availability of Instagram to achieve a wider audience because of their travel competitions and giveaways. This may cause Instagram the ideal place to look if you’re trying to win your next trip a person can have.

    Share and Share Alike

    Needless to say, one thing to recollect about Instagram is it’s largely visual. People use the platform to share with you pictures, either that they’ve created or that they’ve found and love. For that reason, lots of the travel competitions are powered by the web page are usually based upon sharing travel photos or uploading holiday photos with a competition hashtag to attract other travel-hungry Instagrammers in.


    Be Participating in Instagram

    To place yourself in the best position to win an Instagram travel competition gradually alter boost the number of people following you. The main reason companies put competitions on Instagram in the first place is usually to extend knowledge about their brand. In the event you offer them entry to an extensive number of Buy instagram likes you'll be seen as being more useful and influential, which can raise your probability of winning. To grow your number of followers you just need to get active: follow other people, like and comment on their posts, and the chances are they'll will observe you in return.

    The Picture’s the one thing

    To win a competition in places you are inspired to upload a picture on Instagram you'll want to choose your picture carefully. Your entry really should have elements that not only chime with the brand running your competitors, but which will also attract other discerning Instagram users to love it and share it. The more activity the picture generates in term of likes and comments, the greater attention it is going to receive in the company running competition.

    Tap to Win

    Other sorts of travel competitions run using Instagram are simpler to enter, although, arguably, the simple entry ensures they are harder to win. The ‘like to win’ or ‘follow to win’ sort of competitions offer more of a lottery approach - you can’t really do even more than tap your screen and cross your fingers. Because of this kind of competition, volume is key: greater competitions you enter, better the chance have winning.

    Last However, not Least…

    You won’t win in the event you break the principles! Instagram is strict on not infringing copyright, so make sure that, if the picture you’re using isn't your individual, it has a free copyright licence. Also, entrants are not able to tag themselves in pictures they're not in, so make sure you not grab yourself disqualified before you start.

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