Qurbani appeal
  • aropnyaaropnya July 2018
    “That they might witness benefits by themselves and mention the category of Allah on known days over what He's got shipped to them of [sacrificial] animals. So eat of them and feed the miserable and poor.” (Al-Haj 22/28)


    It is the time of the year if we can remember the ever-inspiring life story in the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) along with the great sacrifices he made to show his devotion and fascination with Allah (SWT).

    For the a large number of families residing in besieged areas and inadequate camps, assess to meat is near non-existent. During this time period a huge number of families eagerly await the opportunity feed or their loved ones meat - a rare privilege in Syria.

    Because of the circumstances, qurbani syria is never the most affordable option - however a true sacrifice worth its name and purely for the appreciation for Allah (SWT) won't be the easiest option.

    We can easily guarantee you that your particular efforts will contribute in alleviating the hunger in Syria, and can brighten the Eid of countless families suffering from the continuing crisis.

    Help us reassure them that they have not been forgotten this Eid.

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