Trekking in Sikkim - A Heavenly Paradise
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    Nestled down the middle of the Himalayas and subjugated from the alarming silhouette of Khangchendzonga (8598m), this jewel like mountain state of Sikkim is crammed relating to the kingdom of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet as well as the state of West Bengal. Several snow capped peaks get this convey a perfect spot to enjoy Eco adventure in Sikkim.

    Sikkim having its speckled backdrop is an ideal destination for adventure lovers. Treking in Himalayas is spectacular with lush valleys, beautiful orchards and dense forests.Its unrivaled assortment of plants and creatures, beautiful stupas and monasteries further add charm for the thrill of Indian trekking excursions with lush green mountain trails of Sikkim.


    The variety of trekking in Sikkim are endless. The Kanchenjunga Trek is among the most most breathtaking trek route, where you can see the unspoiled attractiveness of nature. Here, calm lakes will be a perfect company to the adventure lovers inside the trekking expedition. Mighty Kanchenjunga glacier is a famous attraction. Your journey to Kanchenjunga trekking area is a special treat starting from the tropical lowlands through great rhododendron forests up to the glacier provides an overwhelming view.

    Dzongri Trek at 4,000 meters offers another trek route of 3983 meters and supplies a blissful view of the Kanchenjunga. The track runs through moss-laden forests of oak, birch, rhododendron, bamboo, maple etc with outstanding mountain views. These forests anchorage hundreds of types of wild plants, exotic orchids vie for attention with equally spectacular types of birds and butterflies.

    Green Lake Trek falls within the best district of Sikkim where hoary peaks and arresting natural surroundings captivates the adventurers with their celestial charm. This trek are at the foot of Kanchenjunga that mixes natural splendor with extravagant views of high peaks. There are vast tracts of thick forest, with several kinds of vivid flowers, and birds as well as some waterfalls for sides in the trail.

    Varsey Trek is alight which has a profusion of colours during March and April developed by different varieties of rhododendrons thriving across the valley. The Rhododendron Sanctuary at Hilley Varsey is spread across a place of 104 sq. km. The dense forest of Varsey is included with hemlocks, silver firs, magnolia and rhododendron trees and shrubbery.

    Rhododendron Trek locally generally known as "Guras" could be the delight in the Eastern Himalayan Mountains; this hike requires to a land of flowers and ever smiling people. One can go through the Himalayan village using its beauty, fostered in the lap with the wonderful Himalayan Kingdom. Along the way of this trek you can find Maenam and Barsay wildlife sanctuaries. Sandapkhu Trek, the name itself means the Height of the Poison Plant', discussing the cornucopia in the venomous aconite plants that grow nearby the peak. Sandakphu Trek symbolizes the feral fundamental opulence from the snows. Nature this is at her best, and also the vista over here will be worth surveillance. Rightly viewed as the Paradise of Trekkers, the Sandakphu peak is often a point from which you can see four of the world's five highest peaks - Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse. This peak found at an altitude of 3636m in the Singalila Range could be the terminating point of many trekking routes in the Darjeeling-Sikkim region.

    Amidst the grandeur from the mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls and fast flowing rivers, Sikkim gives an exceptional along with a striking experience. To the adventure lovers trekking in Sikkim will be an experience of your life-time. It's a naturalist's paradise. Sikkim - "The Land Of Orchid" is undoubtedly the best spot for Trekking.

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