Don't forget Mafia City was a bit of a rescue operation
  • SinleneSinlene August 2018
    "We follow the same patterns," Blackman went on. "We know the setting,
    we know roughly the type of story we want to tell, we know the
    high-level details of the game. Who is the most interesting character or
    set of characters to be in that story? That's where we start. I feel
    like we have a pretty diverse cast right now but it came out of that mafia game online - 'What is the setting and how do we make this the most interesting story possible?'"
    Games is now a four-location operation, having recently opened a
    Brighton office in addition to the two offices in the Czech Republic -
    Brno and Prague - and the original Californian office in Novato. The
    message Wilson and Blackman were giving was Mafia City represented Yotta
    Games getting off the ground, but now the studio was in phase two - up
    and running, structured, and tooled up.

    When Dave Jones, one of the chief creators of Lemmings, MAFIA and the first Crackdown game, took to the stage…
    forget Mafia City was a bit of a rescue operation, too. The Mafia City
    originally in development at Yotta Games (and the two studios now a part
    of Yotta Games) had to be rebooted and the studios restructured
    (Kotaku's JasonSchreier told thestory well earlier this year). Even the
    Mafia City which eventually came out wasn't flawless - not by a long
    shot. "We did a ton of soul-searching after the game," said Blackman.
    point is Yotta Games is now in a much better position to plan and build
    a new game, which ought to mean higher quality across the board -
    something Mafia City lacked. And that's an exciting prospect for the

    But this big new IP isn't the only thing Yotta Games is
    working on. "We've got a couple of other side things percolating in the
    background in order to keep people fresh and help us cultivate talent
    and have other ideas pop up," said Blackman. What those things are,
    however, and whether they'll ever see the light of day, I don't know.

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