Air Conditioning Service - Can it be Essential?
  • xaritonchinaaronovxaritonchinaaronov August 2018
    Most air conditioning units will run for several years without maintenance in any respect, but just like a car a normal ac service dubai can avoid costly bills each time a breakdown does occur.

    Air conditioning units are very rugged tools. These are manufactured to some top quality and made to withstand various environmental conditions. They can be overlooked for maintenance purposes but regular maintenance can help to conserve money against costly failure in the entire system.


    When an aura conditioning unit or electric is just not maintained, it will loose approximately 5% efficiency for each and every year it will continue to operate. It is severe effects for the load the device are equipped for and will increase the risk for unit perform poorly.

    With proper maintenance efficiency could be regained and regular maintenance will maintain manufacturer's claims. Maintenance costs will simply be recovered by savings in energy bills and a properly maintained unit will cool, heat and dehumidify better.

    As a possible end user you are supposed to remove and clean the washable filters from the evaporator (indoor) unit regularly. Most units provide an an easy task to open panel with the filter elements directly inside. The simplest way to completely clean them is to hold them under flowing water from a tap. Dry the filter before replacing. Make an effort to clean filters at least once 30 days or higher often in the event the unit is operated for long periods or the indoor environment is dusty or dirty.

    When the actual evaporator coil inside the indoor unit is beginning to bar with the dust and dirt this requires cleaning. You can find a wide selection of specialist chemical coil cleaners available but coil cleaning is better left for the professionals.

    A good quality evaporator coil cleaner will even sanitise the drip tray and condense lines. This will also kill any bacteria that could be breeding in the unit and eliminate nasty odours the unit may generate whilst operating. In case a condense pump is suited for the unit this should be checked and inspected and a quantity of water poured into the system to make sure it truely does work.

    The coils for the condenser (outdoor) unit should be cleaned. Again you can find professional acid based coil cleaners available which will remove all dust, debris and foreign objects from your coils. These cleaners are extremely powerful and should be used with caution. Utilization of these acid based cleaners should be left with a professional engineer.

    It's worth checking the current that the compressor draws during operation. It will help identify problems before an expensive compressor failure occurs.
    The 4 way valve inside condenser can also be tested (for heat pump models) along with the system operated in heating mode to ensure that the unit is working correctly.

    Over a professional unit the two liquid and gas line pressures can be measured by attaching a refrigerant gauge on the corresponding service ports on the condenser unit.

    Some units simply have one particular service port around the gas line, but the suction pressure can still be measured and compared for peace of mind.

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