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  • lazar_gulikovlazar_gulikov August 2018
    Cryptocurrencies certainly are a revolutionary technology. It will challenge the regular overall economy and alter how we ply their trade. However, at the present time the adoption of such currencies has become slow and scattered.
    Coinyspace offers a listing as well as networking reality that is specifically designed to facilitate further adoption and use of digital currencies. It really is home for all cryptocurrency users, where individuals, businesses, founders and developers may come together to interact and transact.
    Coinyspaceis the very first community platform for free coins users. We try to replace Bitcointalk because central hub of the crypto community.Unlike the forum, Coinyspace carries a rich networking, publishing and marketing functionality that can help every community member to look at most out of crypto.


    We don't accept censorship by any means or form and can work tirelessly to help you the entire crypto community succeed through increased adoption and actual life use of cryptocurrencies.

    We have been constructing a simple to use interface that can help all newcomers easily onboard and be proficient crypto users. We will be the main gateway for many new adopters and may make crypto mainstream!

    On Coinyspace you will find:
    -Goods and Services (merchants accepting cryptocurrencies across the world as well as online businesses and projects),
    -Cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens),
    -Events (ICO, meet-ups, releases and other crypto related events),
    -Airdrops (campaigns to distribute tokens to initial adopters),
    -Bounties (campaigns to earn tokens for supporting and promoting projects),
    Brick and mortar corporations are mapped to help you Coinyspace users easily find a merchant they require within a particular location.

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