Ornament Storage Boxes And just how They Came To Be
  • petechkaardashovpetechkaardashov August 2018
    My spouce and i started collecting ornaments whenever we inherited many from my parents and grandparents after that we have got married. We felt a duty to safeguard those heirlooms for the family being. That is at the late 80’s when there are no things like ornament storage; they only didn’t exist. So my partner Steve, a life-long tinker-er needed to solve this dilemma. He’d always enjoyed crafts and arts - another inheritance from my beautiful Mother-in-Law Henri - so creating a functional ornament storage box wasn’t his only objective, what's more, it must be visually appealing. Oh, and that i forgot to say he is a manufacturer of specialty packaging and high-end items like steamer trunks, hat and jewelry boxes, this was a thrilling new area to explore!


    First we did some investigation to discover why there have been some liver spots on the couple of our antique ornaments. Apparently humidity just isn't great for the silvered paint inside many ornaments. More investigating said that with time, an acidic environment can be unhealthy for hand-blown glass ornaments.
    So Steve sought out a chipboard material that could be rigid but lightweight, also, he needed it to be completely acid-free this will let you tarnish inhibitor. He used metal stays from the corners to make the box very sturdy and that he made dividers to create individual cubbies for every ornament, but he made them adjustable to support longer ornaments and strange size and shapes. He added removable trays to ensure that one ornament storage box could hold many ornaments. Finally, he laminated it having a beautiful Christmas themed fabric which looked gorgeous but in addition included with the strength and sturdiness with the box.
    Since Ultimate Christmas Storage was given birth to we’ve probably had 30 different prints, all of them a beautiful addition to a home’s holiday decor. Our ornament storage boxes were the foremost and are the only acid-free, archival quality boxes on the market. We feel very fortunate to have loyal customers from coast to coast that still buy our fabric covered ornament storage boxes because of their own collections and gift them to kids and grandkids, making a new generation of collectors. In the very last Ten years we’ve also had a welcome success with the Archival Kraft Storage boxes who have each of the same great qualities.
    My Christmas ornament collection would be the most organized section of my property and my well being! Let Ultimate Christmas Storage help you to get organized while protecting your treasured collections. Feel absolve to contact me directly for those who have questions at 310-625-6025 or customerservice@ultimatechristmas.com, attention Kathy. Thanks!

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