Understanding Air Knife Features
  • kashepovnikkashepovnik August 2018
    Air knife is a flexible device found attractive many operations and applications within the industrial business. The operation of operating this gadget is straightforward yet reliable enough to complete various functions. Air knives use compressed air which enters the unit through the rear ports. The air will then be entrained and follows the "Coanda" effect. The air then moves towards the front profile of the device wherein air is directed inside a straight line at 90° angle. The released air stream now has amplified speed and force having a sheet of laminar flow which is to be useful for cooling and blow off.


    Air knives will not have moving parts and use only compressed air as source of energy. The product can perform producing an output number of twenty times higher than that of received input. The mechanical apparatus is normally created in aluminum or stainless material, which makes it resistant over temperature environments and processes. Some air knives marketed out there are advertized like with a complete circulation air knife system, but also for flexible and low-cost tool, rugged types with multiple ports are advisable.

    Various air knife models may have different features. But, when choosing normally the one with great benefits here are the characteristics you need to consider making use of their respective advantages:

    Search for air knives with body coating of aluminum and hard-coated cap, for the longer-lasting tool even if it would be afflicted by extreme environments. Moreover, in case your air blade is going to be afflicted by corrosive applications, choose models created using stainless-steel.
    Air blades who have numerous inlets is likely to make the tool flexible enough to become mounted in constrained spaces.
    Additionally it is wise to choose air knives with airflow increase of about 30:1 as opposed to with 3:1 simply this feature; energy is reduced approximately 90% and noise lowering of 10dbA.
    Because it's used in numerous applications, air knives could be created in different lengths, that are produced with mix of the conventional sizes.

    The tool is employed in various applications like cleaning, drying and cleaning in numerous industries. One of many reason for air knife include:

    Removes water, dust, coolant and scrap from manufactured aspects of automobiles.
    In bottling process, used to blow off water before labeling or packaging.
    Cleans and dries cloth and other alike materials in textile industry.
    Removes water from food items or packaging. Dries food which is employed to open pouches during bagging process.
    Cools ink in printing process. Blows off scrap and cools adhesives

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