Elwyn Dhliwayo - SEO Specialist
  • rejoice_1975rejoice_1975 September 2018
    Elwyn Dhliwayo is the CEO and Founder of Elwyn Dhliwayo (Pty) Ltd. He's a Certified SEO, Ppc and Affiliate marketing Professional with more than A decade Online marketing experience.

    Elwyn Dhliwayo holds a Bsc Computer Honours Degree, a Google Certification Trophy, and Multiple Online marketing Certifications and Qualifications


    Having developed his very own Internet Search Engine in 2008, Elwyn Dhliwayo isn't just a MASTER at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and also understands the technologies, processes and methodologies Search engines like google use to gain access to, index and rank websites, making her the favourite SEO Specialist in Nigeria and globally!

    SEO Specialist (www.seospecialist.co.za) will be the TOP RANKED Seo company in Africa. We have achieved Google 1st page rankings for hundreds of thousands of competitive keywords across multiple industries, for Clients worldwide.

    SEO Specialist have also been nominated to the 2017 ROCCI ^ FNB Business Of the season Awards plus Interviewed Survive SABC 3 as regards to SEO and Internet marketing.

    If you want searching for Marketing Agency that can manage your SEO / Adwords / Internet marketing Campaigns, then contact SEO Specialist today!

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