Nintendo Streams PS4 Pro Ads During FIFA 19 Gamescom Demo
  • venynxvenynx October 2018

    Nintendo Streams PS4 Pro Ads During FIFA 19 Gamescom Demo Nintendo
    has shared another new video directly from the show floor of Gamescom
    2018, this time treating us to a look at the upcoming FIFA 19. Aside
    from admiring the lovely footage being shown off for the new Champions
    League mode (a first for fifa 19 ultimate team coins
    following the expiration of the deal with Konami's PES), we couldn't
    help but notice several completely in-your-face advertisements for the
    PS4 Pro.

    The hosts kick off with a match at around the 5:32 mark,
    jumping right into a custom Champions League game between Limerick FC
    and Paris Saint-Germain. As you can see, dotted around the edge of the
    pitch on the advertisement boards are several ads for the PS4 Pro
    innocently sitting amongst the likes of Pepsi and Mastercard, slyly
    tempting Switch fans to jump ship and play on Sony's machine instead.
    You might think that these adverts would be removed on consoles other
    than those in the PlayStation family, but FIFA stays true to real-life
    advertising and branding, taking on the real sponsorships on the team's
    shirts, footwear, and - yes - advertising boards.

    Sony sponsors
    the Champions League in real life, so FIFA naturally honours this
    agreement in the game; the branding will be present across all versions.
    Still, while the logic is bulletproof, there's something very odd about
    Nintendo streaming an advert for a rival console. Once you get past the
    initial shock of it all, however, you may well actually enjoy the
    thirty minutes or so of FIFA action on Switch. It certainly looks a lot
    like FIFA 18, but there appear to be a number of improvements under the
    hood - the fancy new Champions League mode being one obvious
    example.Want to buy FIFA Coins from

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