Male Masturbation For Exotic Pleasure Exploration
  • maksinhabitevysotsmaksinhabitevysots October 2018
    Is it possible to take part in exotic forms of male masturbation, utilizing Yoga like a tool for autofellatio, to understand more about more distant forms of sexual pleasure?

    The answer then is "Yes." Masturbation is simply a form of autosexuality in which a man (or woman) engages in self-stimulation to succeed in sexual climax or induce feelings of delight. This practice is not just relegated to Homo Sapiens. Actually, it's been noted after a great deal of all of those other critters on the planet.

    Regarding humans: while these masturbatory techniques are generally employed when someone is alone (to ensure the "auto" in autosexuality), this isn't always the situation. It's not uncommon for partners to masturbate in front of the other person being a form of sexual exploration and arousal. Additionally there is a huge selection of videos, literature, exhibitionism, and pictures of people performing masturbation. Clearly there exists a strong sexual connection with masturbation and its ability to create arousal through its voyeuristic nature.

    Obviously, there are many methods of Male masturbators. While using mechanical devices to simply erotic thoughts. One solution that men can utilize to masturbate is thru the technique of autofellatio. This simply means a man can perform fellatio (oral sex) on himself. Men aren't the sole ones who can use this technique; women can, too. Autofellatio is also found in the animal kingdom and is more apparent with other animals than man.


    Among the best methods of a man to engage in this exotic form of sexuality would be to raise the flexibility of his spine. The explanation for this really is the one anatomical structure that connects the mouth to the penis is the spine. However, the spine can also be the key anatomical structure that separates the mouth in the penis. Once we understand why basic concept, we can target the main causative factor that separates the lads who is able to autofellate and those who cannot.

    Yoga is a way of increasing flexibility and range-of-motion inside the spine. I think everyone's seen pictures, or in true to life, in men (and some women) in Yoga poses that appear nearly impossible to be able to execute. While seemingly impossible, a few basic understanding of how the body biomechanically works will permit most people to understand that such poses aren't so "impossible" after all.

    So, then, if we can learn a number of the Yogic teachings and possibly toss in just a little modern-age physical therapeutics we might really have a recipe that will permit men to achieve autofellatio. The secret is to be able to train oneself in such a way that it is accomplished in a safe and intelligent manner.

    After the ability to autofellate has been attained, then men can easily explore this form of very deep and private sexual satisfaction.

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