Lagos, Nigeria
  • recognize_1988recognize_1988 October 2018
    Lagos can be a beautiful city of Nigeria. Town has tradition of short heighted buildings and there's great deal of cars moving on the narrow roads from the city which sometimes cause serious traffic jam. Lagos is probably the most popular host to the Africa individuals from worldwide arrived at Lagos to visit might to determine that. People from the Lagos appears like hard and their complexion is dark too. Basically Lagos Postal Code is a island within Nigeria but the local government has contract the street therefore it appears like a city instead of the typical island.

    There are many beautiful shopping areas inside the city such as the Citeco tower. It is a beautiful spot to visit inside the most popular city of free airline Africa. The tower outer look is indeed much like a lavish home so one can believe they're planning to check out a home. The inner side of the tower can also be depict the tradition of the place a great deal of fake trees and many other activities which reveal that the tower is expand the area are placed within the inside with the Citeco.


    There exists a specific road in Lagos which has sky scrapper quietly, those buildings are build purposefully so that people may go there and do shopping and feel good. People in Lagos are Muslims as Nigeria will be the Muslim country. People of Nigeria like mutton and beef in food, it to be observed in Lagos how the people sell these kinds of thing open on the roads which sometimes pinch those who find themselves passing from that place. There isn't any specific location for industry so most of these thing cant limitize to at least one place.

    Alaba market is among the famous marketplace for the scarp in the city. People make use of this to dump there all kinds of scarp including electronic scarp. As Nigeria is poor country in order that progressed there've less opportunity to educate themselves even the facilities from the education like schools, colleges and universities may also be less in number there. Simply because of this people residing in African countries start are employed in tiny age. Just about the most practical illustration of this could be seen in the Alaba market of scarp in Lagos. Boys who are lower than 18 years in age even less than 16 years are working available in the market and they are use to handle scarp from one spot to other. Child labor is prohibited in around the globe but no force can omit this from African. It really is looks like sometime child labor is promoted due to not enough education and sometime because of financial crises.

    Lagos has several beautiful mosques in which the Muslims can prey. Those mosques are also a part of the country tradition so that mosques are decorated inside a beautiful way.

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