Pet Owners Find Artificial Grass is a Great Solution For Yard
  • veniaminnorthzykinveniaminnorthzykin October 2018
    Many householders increasingly understand the benefits of replacing their sod or grass lawn with artificial grass. Whether it's for water savings, financial savings, time savings or perhaps wanting to enjoy a nice green and clean yard without all of the hassle and cost of looking after it, consumers in growing numbers are turning to synthetic grass being a solution for his or her yard.

    One segment with the market that is locating the great things about artificial grass for dogs being extraordinary and they are the biggest growing portion of the synthetic grass consumer market are pet owners, especially those with dogs. Industry estimates indicate that more than 70% of residential consumers of synthetic grass are pet owners. Many of such customers have tried over and over to develop grass in their yard however pet has gotten in the way. Their attempts to have a nice yard and keep their pet have proven to be costly also. With a man-made turf yard, however, homeowners can now have a pet along with a nice-looking yard.


    Synthetic grass products generally do not stain once the pets do their business. There are goods that are guaranteed to not stain which are the goods that you can rely on is not going to.

    An artificial grass yard is also hygienic as fluids (i.e. urine) drain from the turf while droppings can be easily picked up as they would for any sod or natural grass yard and could be rinsed off with a hose as well. The yellow or liver spots so evident inside a yard with pets shall no longer be too using a synthetic grass yard, despite having female dogs. With relation to urine draining through the turf, there are significant differences between your various turf products available. Many with the products have holes punched intermittently from the backing of the turf to allow the fluids and urine to drain. One serious problem with this is when the urine will not make it to one of the holes, the urine will always be over the turf backing and incredibly become a smelly and unhealthy situation. There are several products in the marketplace however that provides a permeable backing with drainage throughout the turf. Many pet shelters and kennels have decided this type of turf with its permeable, no hole-punched backing because of the obvious benefit that superior draining products have with regards to pets.

    Owners who've chosen artificial turf for yard have also found that there are numerous other benefits beyond an environmentally friendly and clean yard. They have discovered that we now have forget about muddy dog paw tracks in ones house or inside carpet. Their pets may be bathed and then let out for the yard for additional fun and play without the worries to getting dirty again quickly. The pets are also not attracted to scents underneath the ground as the entire area is synthetic so owners have found their pets don't dig or efforts to bury things anymore after installing an artificial grass lawn.

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