Internet Telephony - New Direction, New Vision
  • gaze92gaze92 November 2018
    VoIP telephony is shaking the world telecommunication industry. By broadening the angle of Internet and traditional communication services, voip phone service provider will be the preferred range of business and corporate houses including the residential users. With the undeniable fact that Internet telephony isn't just tied to voice because it directs sharing and sending of data and voice files by way of a single IP network i.e. Internet, it helps users to savor visual and verbal communication together in effective way. Internet phone service offers to offer cross country or International call at significantly lower rates compared to Public Switched Telephone Network. Hence, calling through IP telephony minimizes the monthly telephone expenditure by around 50% versus those of PSTN services. Voice over Internet telephony offers fast and efficient communication with plenty of advantages like high-speed, excellent voice quality, call tariff network integration, feature richness, security and scalability.


    To avail the main benefit of voice over IP telephony, user needs broadband internet connection, PC installed with VoIP software, Analog Telephone Adaptor plus a headset. Packet switching manner of network services are employed to avail the benefits of IP telephony. The net telephony process may be the cheapest way of calling online as it uses single cable for sending and receiving data. The fundamentals of IP process is conversion of analog voice signals into digital formats. The information within the gifs is compressed and encrypted with the signal that is routed within the IP network. The operation is reversed before it reaches the destination. This conversion and reconversion is completed in real time. Using this high-end and versatile IP solutions, user can share the information with minimum latency or less interruptions together with his near and dear ones all over the world.

    There's 2 kinds of VoIP telephony services, depending upon the necessity, users can go for anyone. For example, users either can make free calls or pay a small amount for per- minute calling. Free calling is the best substitute for call your friends and relatives. For business purposes, paid call service works well as the reliability and security may be the main consideration.

    While searching for Internet telephony service providers, users must decide on a reputed VoIP service provider that gives best services when it comes to quality, features like unlimited incoming and outgoing calls with other facilities for a one-time fee and 24x7x365 hours of online service support. Hence, users must search for priority features for example affordability and excellent voice quality along with other advanced features like voicemail, caller identification, call forwarding, 3-way calling, automatic redialing and much more. Users must choose the VoIP provider that gives wholesale carrier services, reseller programs and business methods to their potential customers from various sectors of the profession.

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