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  • chitianshi520chitianshi520 November 2018

    BEIJING Cheap Jerseys China
     , Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Facial recognition is becoming
    increasingly common in China, where it has been installed at ATM machines and
    KFC restaurants. Now the technology has arrived in university classrooms to
    track student attendance.

    Shen Hao, a professor with Communication University of China, is using facial
    recognition in his six courses to keep track of the attendance of more than 300

    Before every class Cheap Jerseys
     , Shen activates a new attendance system installed on his
    tablet computer. Students stand in front of the screen one by one to have their
    photos taken and matched with those in the school's database.

    The system is based on facial recognition technology from Chinese Internet
    giant Baidu's open AI platform.

    Currently, the platform has offered more than 80 different technological
    services to the public, helping program developers like Shen to develop their
    own applications.

    "The traditional way of tracking attendance is through a roll call. The new
    system saves time and reduces the workload of teachers," said Shen.

    Students have joked that facial recognition is harsh as it doesn't allow for
    skipping classes. "But they support the technology to enter colleges Cheap Jerseys From
     ," said Cui Yuqin, a student majoring in data journalism with
    the university.

    China's Forward-looking Industry Institute said that the facial recognition
    market in China surpassed 1 billion yuan (about 150 million U.S. dollars) in
    2016 and is expected to hit 5.1 billion yuan by 2021.

    Facial recognition technology has already been put to creative use. Beijing's
    Temple of Heaven has used it in toilets to deter toilet paper theft. In east
    China's Jinan, traffic police installed facial scanners at intersections to
    catch and shame jaywalkers, and a Beijing university has used the technology to
    guard its dorms.

    CHANGCHUN Cheap Jerseys China ,
    China, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Changchun Yatai rallied from one goal down to beat
    Jiangsu Suning 3-1 at home in the 28th round of the Chinese Super League (CSL)
    on Sunday.

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