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    Way up in the northeastern corner of the U.S Wholesale
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     , perched high on its own little barren
    island made of rock, sits Sequin Island Lighthouse. This lighthouse, located at
    the mouth of the Kennebec River in Georgetown, Maine Wholesale
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     , is the second lighthouse that was ever
    built in Maine and is one of the oldest in the U.S. The little island of rock,
    located in an area that is frequently shrouded in fog -- an average of 2,734
    hours of fog every year -- and hammered with cold, high winds Wholesale
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     , seemed almost designed by nature to
    harbor a lighthouse.

    Merchants submitted the petition for the lighthouse
    in 1786, but the government didn't order the lighthouse built until 1795. Once
    President George Washington gave the order, the lighthouse construction began
    and the project was completed in 1797 at a cost of $6,300.

    Sequin Island
    Lighthouse holds the title as the highest elevated lighthouse in
    Maine Wholesale
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     , standing just over 180 feet above sea
    level. The fixed, non-flashing light is visible to ships as far out as 40 miles.
    Due to the high occurance of fog in this area, the light house is equipped with
    one of the most powerful fog horns ever made. The original structure was
    replaced in 1820, and again in 1857 when the present structure was erected. The
    light was continued to be manually monitored until it was fully automated in

    The history of Seguin Island Light Station is filled with strange
    and tragic stories.
    One is that of the first lightkeeper who died penniless
    and boatless on the island. Some say his ghost has haunted the keepers who came
    after him. There have been sightings of a ghost who has been named the "Old
    Captain". He is usally seen climbing the staircase of the tower as if heading
    upstairs to tend to the light.

    One night the old furnishings were being
    removed from the premesis. Apparently the man in charge of the crew moving the
    furniture was awakened in the middle of the night by the "Old Captain" who asked
    him not to take the furniture and to leave his home alone. The man didn't grant
    the request and the next day after the furniture had been loaded onto a boat and
    was being lowered into the water Wholesale
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     , the cable mysteriously snapped. The
    boat and everything in it fell onto the rocks below and were smashed into
    pieces. It appears the "Old Captain" got his way afterall.

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