FIFA 19 VS PES 2019
  • venynxvenynx November 2018
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    against PES 2019, the two versions of the most beautiful sport in the
    world according to Electronic Arts and Konami. The American company and
    the Japanese company have stopped for years to chase each other, they
    are ready to give the best of themselves on the virtual green rectangle,
    strong of the unique characteristics that distinguish their products.
    this way, the choice between the two titles does not depend so much on
    which is the best simulator, but from which football it is able to
    satisfy your needs. Frostbite vs Fox Engine. In the same way, as tested
    in previous years, Frostbite and the Fox Engine try to achieve two
    different objectives: on the one hand the realism of the staging, and on
    the other the almost maniacal modeling for the faces of the most famous
    athletes. Electronic Arts, thanks also to the partnership with UEFA,
    increases, even more, the visual quality during the matches, perfectly
    simulating the atmosphere of a real football match. The result is very
    pleasant to admire, with a rendering of the shots always perfect. Like
    every year, however, approaching the look during the replays and in
    other scenes, we notice some approximations in the faces of the players,
    who instead have been digitally reconstructed by Konami with more
    evident attention. In PES 2019 the body and the reproduction of the
    samples are clearly superior, much more similar to the real
    counterparts. Where the Japanese football gives way is in the
    construction of the stadium mood, in general, less engaging if compared
    to previous episodes. In short, it is about two alternative visions
    that follow the same ideology of gameplay: FIFA chooses the overall
    spectacle, PES the realism of detail.want know more fut coins news Read More

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