Why Squad Battles are Important
  • venynxvenynx November 2018
    The Squad Battles are one of the most interesting modes introduced in
    the past edition and that we will find again this year in the fifa 19 ultimate team coins.
    This is essentially an offline tournament in which, throughout the
    course of the week, we will challenge the CPU that will use the teams of
    other players around the world. Every day there will be a certain
    number of games to face and for each win obtained and based on the
    difficulty level set will get the battle points that will advance in the
    weekly ranking that in some ways reminiscent of the FUT Champions with
    the various bands.
    EA will test you with the Squad Battles mode.
    Play against the teams created by the community will be able to give
    even the most organized teams a hard time. Four matches against as many
    team, every day for the whole week, with scores to accumulate according
    to the results to get prizes.
    The mode in question has no middle
    ground and alternates rather weak teams (and perhaps with low affinity
    levels) to other battleships with the best talents of modern football
    with an almost unsettling simplicity; the advice is not to be
    frightened, but rather to play the minor difficulties to gain confidence
    and still accumulate a good number of consecutive victories.
    The AI
    behaves in an offensive and structured way, thanks to an almost
    asphyxiating phrasing, combined with the creation of many goal actions
    in the vast majority of cases. Stop as much as possible to leave clean
    trajectories for shots from outside opponents and focus on pressing on
    the teammates closest to the ball carrier to play on the reboots in
    speed. Train yourself to be the best! Click Here

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