FIFA 19 Prime Icon Player Pick SBC
  • venynxvenynx November 2018
    The Prime Icon SBC has just launched in fut 19 coins,
    EA have released it complete this challenge for a player pick of a set
    of prime icons and they have given 30 days only for this. There are five
    icons available in this FIFA 19 Prime Pick Pack. These players include

    In this SBC,
    you must complete 7 segments to attain 5 Prime Icon players and 7 SBC
    Packs. The duration is from 26 October to 25 November. The following is
    the requirements of squad and rewards.
    Many people are actually
    annoyed with the requirements which means this initial requirement
    eleven bronzes, only a silver player packs which means this is probably
    like the easiest one and it will be getting very difficult.

    FIFA 19 Prime Icons SBC - Rising Talent

    Exchange a Rare Silver Squad. We've got a few Italians in here. And this is just a shiny silver team.Read More

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